The 3D SOCCER tools are geared towards the design of tactical moves using advanced 3D animation, which allows a more realistic vision of football moves and actions, focused on training, match preparation or entertainment.

3D Soccer Team

Professional version aimed at clubs, national teams, institutions and training academies. The most advanced professional soccer analysis tool through 3D simulation of soccer moves and exercises.

3D Soccer TV

Our broadcasting department offers content production services through simulation of soccer moves. As well as use as a tactical analysis tool for the production and broadcasting of television programs.

3D Soccer Academy

Version for schools and football academies, in addition to its main functions there is also the added possibility of sharing the content with different students (players).


Aitor Karanka

Professional Coach

Its functionality is essential for the work of the coach, the TEAM version is an all in one package. The creation and generation of set pieces is above all very realistic.

Juanjo Vila

Tactical Analyst

It is the tool that every analyst must have for their daily work. The ability to construct any type of play, allows for the creation of simulated situations which can be used to correct the tactical shortcomings of the player.

Manuel Sotelo

Goalkeeping Coach

The large number of cameras available allows you to visualize any move or training exercise from the most ideal angle of vision for the goalkeeper. The VR function is impressive.

Javier Bustos

Fitness Coach

It is a tool that facilitates the implementation of any methodology, as well as the ability to generate a database of your exercises and workouts.

Victor Orta

Sporting Director

The easy access provides me with the connection to the coach and his coaching staff, in order to keep up to date with their work. In addition it also allows me to create my own database of players and teams..

Antonio Cortés

Academy Director

All the players in an academy can know in advance the training exercises that they will perform the next day. The 3D animation facilitates the understanding of the exercise, no matter how complex it may be.


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