The definitive tactical tool for soccer analysis, through the simulation of moves and exercises by means of 3D animations created by the team's own Technical Staff.

+ Features

Allows the creation of real match simulations and training exercises from 2D or 3D perspectives, in a quick and easy way by the user. Generating advanced 3D animations automatically and in real time.
The actions have been carried out via MOTION CAPTURE, using real players and implemented using the advanced TRUEPLAY animation system that allows the user to simulate more realistic animations of play.
It visualizes the actions from different perspectives and angles in real time, through the selector of 12 automatic or manual cameras: Stadium (Touchlines, Corners, Goalposts, Aerial View, Player, Ball etc). The Key Frames mode memorizes your own camera movements for subsequent automatic playback.
The Virtual Reality camera allows you to position yourself as a spectator in any part of the playing field in order to visualize the actions of play as a participating player. This functionality requires the use of glasses with VR technology and a compatible PC, both not included in the license.
It allows the set-up and formation of neutral or personalized teams and the realization of tactical actions in 2D movement, for subsequent demonstration on a whiteboard. It also acts as an editor converting these actions automatically into 3D animations.
Through the editing function it is possible to customize any team by incorporating images of the badges, players and stadium. As well as allowing for the choice of design and color of the virtual players' kit, allowing for their personalized visualization in the moves and exercises.
The system has the ability to customize the information of each team under the headings of: Teams, players, matches, moves, training, exercises etc.


Our development team can link information from external providers (with those who the client has licenses with). Updating the application online with related data of: teams, players, matches, statistics etc.
This feature allows the user to link external files in any format (photo, video, text, PDF, presentations, ...) under the headings of: Team, Player, Match or Training. With the aim that the coach can have an organized and centralized repository of all their reports and data under a single application or link to the different analysis software (SPORTCODE, NACSPORT ...).
It allows the configuration of matches through the personalization of two teams, the choice of their line-ups and systems of play, the creation of moves in 3D related to that particular match and the addition of extra information through external files. The event is automatically linked to the calendar in the application, thereby facilitating the ordering and search of all matches played.
It allows the personalization of training data, the creation of 3D exercises related to that particular session and additional information through external files. The event is automatically linked to the calendar of the application, thereby facilitating the organization and search of all the training sessions carried out.
Our file system with its own format allows the user to save all the information contained in the application including the animations created in 3D (moves and exercises) and can play them through the application. It is as if a standard video had the advantage of being able to edit actions and save them with a size up to 90% smaller than a conventional video file.
It automatically links all matches and training sessions created in the application, and classifies them by date and time. Allowing for searches to be undertaken in a simple way, with the user being able to access these events from the calendar itself.
We also offer the possibility of exporting the animations in standard video format, so that they are able to be viewed on any type of player.


All the information can be shared among the members of the group with the objective of being able to undertake better team work. Due to the reduced size of our file format, this information can be shared in a simple and agile way, through: e-mail, cloud, pen-drive, corporate server etc.
The application is compatible with touch screen devices, so that our application is able to be used during team talks with the players through touch boards or even on the field of play though a tablet.
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Compatible with IOS and Android multi-touch mobile platforms.
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Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.
All system updates and enhancements of the license functionalities are included during the subscription period.
Includes a training session on the use of the application.
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